Sheryl Crow’s Nashville Farm Still For Sale

Sheryl Crow’s Nashville Farm Still For Sale

Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow is still seeking to sell her Nashville – area ranch.  Cross Creek Farm, in the College Grove area south of Nashville, it has already been relisted twice and is now on offer at about half the original asking price.

Sheryl Crow has been struggling to sell her Nashville-area ranch since 2010, and has recently relisted it at an even lower price.

The farm used to be close to Ms. Crow’s heart, judging by a 2008 interview for People in which she said, ‘We have a ‘white-trash backyard… We pop out the side of the tour bus and set up our lawn chairs, the baby pool and the iPod speakers. It’s totally a tailgate.’

Ms. Crow’s 51-acre equestrian ranch, Cross Creek Farm, sounds authentically country, appropriately enough for the star who was nominated for two American Country Music Awards last year.  Ms. Crow extensively redecorated what was once a very traditionally-styled Southern mansion, aiming for a more family-friendly home – though some more macabre touches, like the vintage bar she installed in the barn, flanked by two Wild West death masks, edged back into Southern Gothic territory.

But Cross Creek Farm clearly no longer feels like home to Ms. Crow, and she’s anxious to sell.

It might be all she wants to do, but mortgage advisor Zillow says Ms. Crow’s home might still be on the shelf because the price is still too high.

According to Zillow’s calculator, ‘Zillow Blog says, ‘a buyer could expect a monthly payment around $15,489, assuming 20% down on a 30-year fixed mortgage,’ placing the home at the high end of College Grove’s housing market.

The 10,433 square foot farm’s spec is certainly strong enough to sell: it has a 14-horse barn, an outdoor pool and indoor arena.

The path to a successful sale has been a winding road, though.  Ms. Crow first put Cross Creek Farm on the market back in 2010 for $7.5 million and relisted it in 2011 with a 40% price cut.  Now the property is back on the market a third time for $3.85 million, though it has been cut down in size to make a sale easier – the original 175-acre parcel of land was proving to be ‘a handful to sell,’ according to The Tennessean’s Nancy Mueller.  After a handful of price manoeuvres and an unsuccessful online auction, Ms. Crow is still struggling to move the farm.

If you’re considering moving to a mansion in rural Tennessee, Cross Creek Farm might be just what you’re looking for.  For $3.85 million – offers may be accepted – you’ll get 50 acres of land, a saltwater pool with fountains, the main estate home, staff quarters, that barn, of course, and a basement recording studio, as well as two solar systems that take care of about 50% of the farm’s energy needs – and a ‘rocking-chair porch’ thrown in.  The farm is also a great hay producer.  Well, if it makes you happy…

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