Belek Property Market Review

Belek Property Market Review

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On the shores of the Mediterranean with its own pine forests and plenty of European charm lies Belek. Discovered back in 1984, Belek is located in the Turkish coast and lies approximately 30 km east of the Antalya province.

Due to its natural charm and stunning scenery, Belek was chosen by the Turkish Tourism Ministry to be a tourism model. The government of Turkey sees this region as a powerful alley for future tourism and is dedicated to make Belek a long-term contender for top real estate investments along a vibrant tourism market.

There are a total of 32 four and five star hotels in the region. These offer tourists plenty of ways to rest their heads at night.

For property investors Belek offers very good investment opportunities. You can buy a 3-bedroom Belek Golf Property for example for as little as £74,984. Situated only 30 minutes from the airport and close to the sea, shops and other facilities investments like these are usually priced much higher.

This is one reason why golf property in Belek is thought to be an excellent investment, even during economic disasters everywhere else. Belek’s property market has kept its own and is considered to be a good buy.

When one looks at the scenic beauty of the areas surrounding Belek it is no wonder this area is considered a stronghold for Turkey’s investment opportunities.

Belek is known for golf in Turkey and boasts nine top-quality and affordable 18-hole golf courses.

The PGA-branded PGA Sultan was renamed in 2007 and the first ever Belek Beko Classic was held on the course in the same year, attracting an international crowd of golf celebrities and connoisseurs.

These developments and the consistent upgrading of infrastructure has made golf property Turkey a hot spot in Europe.

Forbes also wrote an interesting perspective on the Turkey property market earlier this month stating that the country’s resilience to the global meltdown was due to its sordid past.

The well documented price inflations of the 1970s and 1980s were ever changing, leaving Turkey residents with no hope that prices would ever settle. But then in the mid 80s something happened; the economy started to thrive and soon enough was buzzing.

Then after a short stint in the European limelight as a energetic and dynamic nation, it all came crashing down when Turkish banks collapsed in a tremendous self inflicted stunt in 2001.

Since then Turkey has slowly but surely resurrected itself into a strong emerging market that is said to stick for some time. A perfect time to look for that investment property without spending a fortune in Belek.

Photo credits: Hobbs Luton via flickr