Property investment ‘cheaper than holidays’

Property investment ‘cheaper than holidays’

Buying property abroad could work out cheaper than five years’ worth of foreign holidays, according to new research.

Every year, Britons travel to other countries for a break and fork out for often expensive accommodation.

However, research from property website has revealed that letting out a property for six months of the year could see your holidays paid for due to the rental income.

SmartNewHomes said that with some Brits spending around £1,000 on accommodation during peak holiday season, by choosing to buy an apartment in the same area instead, they could pay for that property, any overheads and other costs, within just five years.

David Bexon, managing director of SmartNewHomes, said: “Purchasing a new property abroad can be a great investment. It can offer you a guaranteed holiday destination that you can jet off to at a moment’s notice with the security that you will be staying in a property that you are familiar with, as well as offering high returns.”

He added: “By investing in a property abroad consumers could save thousands of pounds on their annual summer vacation and by taking professional advice and researching the area carefully a dream holiday home could also become a dream investment.”

Source: Real Estate TV