New Edition of Emerging Trends in Asia Pacific Real Estate Released

New Edition of Emerging Trends in Asia Pacific Real Estate Released

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EmerginTrends-in-Real-Estate-Asia-Pacific-2009 The Urban Land Institute’s Emerging Trends in Real Estate have established themselves as a reliable source for information when it comes to our property investments overseas.

Their latest 2009 report for the Asia Pacific region clearly states one mantra loud and clear:

Focus – Focus – Focus!

Due to the global property market investors are well advised to be picky about where they invest their money and with whom. If you are familiar with a particular real estate market you are also advised no to stray due the volatility.

This makes sense as most of us are most likely familiar with one area’s market because we either live there or we invest there.

The Top 10 Asian Pacific Markets for 2009 in Summary:

  1. Tokyo: In terms of investments, Tokyo is the leading city in the region. However, the local economy has slowed down with dwindling exports, making it somewhat slower than the previous year. Risk wise, Tokyo is considered pretty safe since they boast the best risk rating in the region.
  2. Singapore is a good market for investors due to the central location within the Asia Pacific region. Investments and sales have slowed down, but the risks are not considered volatile.
  3. Hong Kong is also feeling the sting of the credit fiasco but has moved up from 5th place for its investment opportunities.
  4. Bangalore is a new kid on the block, having seen some great influx of developments over the past year. It is in fact considered to be the best development market in the whole region right now.
  5. Shanghai has fallen from first to fifth place, with a slow performing investment market. While most investors are holding their properties and watch worldwide developments in real estate, industrial and distribution demand is still relatively high.
  6. Seoul relies heavily on the growth of the industrial market to boost the local real estate market.
  7. Mumbai has seen some amazing growth and powers on as other markets decline. Despite the good news, the city’s market is considered a high risk for investment clocking in a third place.
  8. Taipei has leaped in this position thanks to a strong office market with high demand and decreasing vacancies making it an ideal candidate for increasing rents.
  9. New Delhi has risen to ninth place for investment and offers a good opportunistic market for buyers in the hotel sector.
  10. Kuala Lumpur has dropped to tenth position for investment prospects with tourism as its main economic driver.

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