Confidence in the Spanish Property Market

Confidence in the Spanish Property Market

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The property market in Spain may have been experiencing extremely difficult times until very recently, but market experts are certain that the worst is over and that the nation can look forward to the future with a positive attitude. Price Waterhouse Coopers and the Urban Land Institute recently published a report regarding their forecast on the future of the Spanish property market.

According to the report, the weight of foreign capital is urging investors to take a chance in recovering markets like Spain. The Iberian country is said to have undergone an exceptional turnaround as far as investor confidence is concerned. Over two-thirds of the respondents of the survey reported that they strongly or slightly agree that Spain now has fairly good purchasing opportunities.

Prices are on the rise

The European Union’s statistical office also released published data which has played its part in further boosting the confidence of foreign investors. Eurostat revealed that home prices in the country had gone up by 0.8 per cent in the third quarter of 2013 in comparison with the second quarter, when it had recorded a decline of 0.8 per cent. Many market insiders have commented on the improvement with positive words.

They have also expressed their views on Price Waterhouse Cooper and Urban Land Institute highlighting Spain’s turnaround, saying that it is highly encouraging given that world-renowned experts are taking notice of the changes Spain has undergone. They also say that there is enormous potential that remains untapped in the Iberian nation.

Real estate companies performing well

Leading experts in the market have been anticipating an improving situation for many months now. The market for second homes is performing especially well with steady improvement. Many real estate agencies in Spain have reported good performances – some recording their best numbers since 2006 as far as sales volumes go.

The sums invested into Spanish properties by both investment funds as well as private individuals is significantly large in comparison with previous years, confirming that there are still some good opportunities for investment in Spain.

Quality properties available for affordable prices

High-end properties in Spain are still available for attractive prices. Real estate agents report that prime properties with access to golf courses, swimming pools, gymnasiums and other luxurious amenities can be found for affordable prices on the world famous Costa Blanca.

These properties usually have three bedrooms and boast of large private gardens and club houses and are located in close proximity with restaurants and bars, and bilingual Spanish/English schools. Such properties can be purchased for less than 150,000 euros as sellers have now reduced their asking price.

Apart from the properties on the Costa Blanca, the townhouses in the Brisas de Alenda offer a serene location with all the luxury amenities you need. Closely located to the beaches of the Costa Blanca, these properties are hardly 15 minutes away from the Alicante airport, making them the ideal option for those who are looking for second homes in Spain.

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