South Africa Opens Its Doors to Overseas Buyers

South Africa Opens Its Doors to Overseas Buyers

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South Africa has long kept the best of its real estate market as an open secret, easily shared amongst locals, not so much hidden from outsiders as invisible to them. But over the next few years, we can expect South Africa to become more accessible to overseas buyers as the country opens its doors and allows outsiders access to its secrets.

Prices are relatively low in South Africa, tourist interest is high and the country’s top locations are excellent investment opportunities, helped by the relative strength of the pound against the Rand.

South Africa’s widely varied and beautiful landscape doesn’t do the market any harm either. The country’s coastline may attract some but it’s the bush and game reserves that really shine as tourist attractions.

A good example of this is the coastal town of Mossel Bay, where the number of overseas buyers is steadily increasing and holiday homes along the scenic Garden Route are heavily in demand.

In the heart of the Garden Route is the Gondwana Game Reserve, a 5-star bush resort where holiday home owners can let their homes to tenants with the promise of access to 27, 000 rolling acres of South African wilderness, year-round swimming surfing and golf. What’s more, it’s just 30 minutes inland from Mossel Bay.

If that’s not enough to tempt you, consider this: Gondwana is the only game reserve in the Southern Cape with property for sale. Freehold title plots with 2.5 acres begin at around a million Rand, or about £65, 000, while a bigger price tag gets you a more impressive property, like a thatched lodge with three bedrooms and a wrap-around veranda for 3.5 million Rand, or £228, 000.

The Gondwana game reserve is home to the African animals that draw enthusiastic tourists from al over the globe: lions, buffalo, rhinos, leopards, elephants, they’re all here. Despite the remote feel you’re only half a mile from the coast at the park’s edge, and the views available include Swartberg, Langeberg, and Outeniqua mountains. The park also has easy access to seaside golf courses like Pinnacle Point, Pezula, Oubaai and Fancourt, and the park is close to both Cape Town and the Cape vinyards.

For high rollers, there are developments like Camps Bay Beach, a boutique collection of contemporary three-bedroom beachfront villas where prices stretch from 29 million Rand – about £1.88 million – and 36 million Rand, about £2.3 million. Its developers are saying that it offers the Mediterranean lifestyle at a fraction of the cost.

Situated on the lower slopes of Table Mountain, the development offers panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, and the properties are close to a palm fringed promenade which has a reputation for nightlife, fine dining and cosmopolitan living.

English buyers are reputedly attracted to Camps Bay for its atmosphere and views, but also for the fact that English is widely spoken and people drive on the left. However, it’s likely that now this market’s exposed to the world’s investors, itw ill find a level with other international destinations. In the meantime, South African property could be the next big boom in international property!