Interesting Property for Sale in Chile

Interesting Property for Sale in Chile

Patagonia, in southern Chile, may not be everybody’s idea of their ultimate destination, but we found an interesting property for sale and thought it would make a worthwhile comparison with the rest of the world.

Moreno Glacier, patagonia – Photo Credit

The first thing to bear in mind when thinking about buying property in Chile is the complete and utter lack of regulation as far as estate agents are concerned. All you need to become an estate agent in Chile is’.. Well, actually – you don’t need anything. A good guide to the potential pitfalls and some of the fun one must endure to buy a property in Southern Chile can be found here.

Patagonia is a geographic region containing the southernmost portion of South America. Mostly located in Argentina and partly in Chile, it comprises the Andes mountains to the west and south, and plateaux and low plains to the east. have this spectacular fly fishing lodge for sale – price $325,000 – around £164,000 – the price of a scruffy terrace in the West Midlands. So if you were thinking of getting away from it all, this one’s worth a look.

From the agent’s site:

Established fly fishing lodge for sale in the Rio Azul Valley, Patagonia. Lodge overlooks the confluence of the Futaleufu and Azul Rivers and has a spectacular view of the Tres Munjas, the highest peak in the region. The lodge sits approximately 3 hours from the airport and coastal town of Chaiten and is approx 40 minutes drive from the Argentine border via the town of Futaleufu.

Included in the sale are all vehicles seen in the photos and a number of rafts, life jackets and tools. And of course, and indispensable satellite phone. We suspect it might take a while for help to arrive should you feel the need, but that’s what getting away from it is all about. We have to say ‘ it’s tempting.

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