The world’s most expensive house at $155m

The world’s most expensive house at $155m

NOT one brick has been laid, not one piece of timber has been erected. But already this home comes with a price tag of $155m (€119m) and has triggered considerable controversy. The price for the property, planned for central Montana by a US real estate magnate makes it, in theory, the most expensive property in the world – beating the record of an unsold 103-room mansion in Windlesham, Surrey, with an asking price of €112.

The Montana property is being built by Tim Blixseth, a one-time singer-songwriter who turned to business. As planned, the 53,000 sq ft stone and wood property will be located at the Yellowstone Club, a private ski resort.

“I can’t believe the interest,” Mr Blixseth told ‘Forbes’ magazine. “Some of [the world’s richest] just have to have the best. Price is not an issue.”

But not everyone is enamoured by Mr Blixseth’s plan. Local environmentalists have complained that private clubs such as the Yellowstone, where members must have at least $3m in assets and pay a joining fee of $250,000, are damaging Montana’s environment and pushing up property prices to the detriment of local people. They also point out that Mr Blixseth has a record of planning and environmental infractions and has been fined millions of dollars by state and federal authorities.

Source: Independent