£2.8 Billion German Investment Plan for Dubai

£2.8 Billion German Investment Plan for Dubai

The ACI management team with Niki Lauda recently

ACI real estate announced yesterday that it’s investment plans for the emirates is currently standing at a stunning £2.8 billion – which is scheduled for both Dubai and Abu Dhabi prime property development. Up-to-date investments include the 3 sports legend commercial towers, known as the “Trilogy” project situated along Dubai’s high-end Business Bay and another 5 new towers soon to be launched in Abu Dhabi.

ACI Real Estate is an affiliate of Alternative Invest Capital, a forward-thinking investment house from Germany.

Robin Lohmann, CEO of ACI Real Estate spoke recently at an investment meeting with other German investors and said, “The UAE property market offers significant opportunities for hard currency investors. The global fluctuations in interest rates and imminent slump in the US will continue to divert funds globally to pockets such as the emirates which offer sterling opportunities for ready investors. What is more, the emerging clarity provided by the long term economic vision of both Abu Dhabi and Dubai signal sustainable gains for commercial and residential space, as well as sustained pricing. Such fundamentals make for healthy gains for the prudent investor.”

ACI is fast becoming a major force in the Dubai property arena, with the announcement of three iconic buildings named for sport legends, Michael Schumacher, Niki Lauda and Boris Becker. The “Trilogy”, as it has come to be knick-named, is valued at over £300 million with a 1.33 million square meter floor plan. Planned completion will be in 2009/10, situated along the upscale Business Bay district, where property prices are set to soar. “With time these will stand both as local landmarks, as well as global reference points on one of the region’s most prestigious addresses,” said Mr. Lohmann.

ACI Real Estate has plans currently for a total of thirteen commercial and residential towers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Several of the buildings sold within hours of coming to market – mostly to ready investors in Europe. ACI’s vision reflects its focus toward building not only sustained value for investors, but more importantly, focused portfolios consistent with economic fundamentals of population growth, and developing infrastructure. The company has a cache of investors largely from German-speaking Europe, and the emirates. The developments, said Lohmann, offered investors the rarest of all opportunities,” to be part of the blueprint of a city that the world has come know and respect.”

“Our vision is to become increasingly valuable to our investors, their expectations are high, and the emirates offer opportunities not readily found in cities with similar infrastructure, and growth prospects,” concluded Lohmann

The Trilogy development on Dubai’s Business Bay will be concluded with the launch of the Boris Becker Business Tower on 24th February 2008.