Westfield Stratford: Europe’s Largest Urban Shopping Centre Opened Today

Westfield Stratford: Europe’s Largest Urban Shopping Centre Opened Today

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Customers gathered outside the new Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford City today eagerly waiting to explore this brand new mega-centre, which is now the largest shopping centre in Europe surpassing Westfield group’s Shepherd Bush Centre in West London.


This massive complex has a 14-screen multiplex theatre, over 300 shops, an extensive variety of restaurants, bowling and the largest casino in England. With all Westfield Shopping Centre has to offer, there is certainly something for everyone to enjoy. Families can spend the day here exploring the shops and dining while East London residents are happy to have convenient retail shopping and a supermarket nearby. For travelers outside this area, two hotels and easy access to the train will make the centre easily accessible to everyone.

The shopping centre was strategically built adjacent to Olympic Park so visitors to the 2012 Olympics will pass through it on their way to the games. This makes it an ideal location for the upcoming event and hopefully well beyond 2012. This was the plan when Australian developers from Westfield-Stratford_inside-crowdWestfield group chose the site. With high speed trains allowing rapid access to shopping and the centre opening at 95% capacity, the region has high hopes for this shopping centre to change the face of the East London economy.

East London has long been in need of development to refurbish the area, which has a higher than average unemployment rate. The shopping centre should be a tremendous help to the local businesses by creating jobs and drawing customers to their shops and restaurants, and hopefully creating additional new growth for the region. The overall regeneration of Stratford City should have a positive impact on the families that live here for years to come.

Today alone over 100,000 visitors came to enjoy this massive triple-height centre. Excitement is expected to continue while visitors from near and far come to enjoy all there is to offer at the well-planned shopping and entertainment Mecca. For both the local residents and foreign visitors, the new centre should impress even the most fickle of shoppers and create interest in investment opportunities for all of East London.

Photo credits: EG Focus via Flickr