UK Letting Agents Discriminate Against Migrant Workers

UK Letting Agents Discriminate Against Migrant Workers

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OK letting agents are being discriminating with overseas migrant workers even so it is against the law. Uncovered by a secret BBC video, the shameful methods by which these people are turned down from becoming tenants had now been made public to the world.

“UK back to the days of no blacks, no dogs, no Irish” is the statement Discrimination lawyer Arpita Dutt made when interviewed by BBC about the practices.

When asked why they were breaking the law and the industry code of conduct, the reaction by caught out agents varied; one didn’t reply, a second said she would never discriminate (even so she had been caught out to be doing EXACTLY that,) and a third was now retraining his staff after being caught out.

The discrimination wasn’t even hard to implement by the look of things. Polish immigrants and others were simply told a property was no longer available even if it hadn’t been let to anyone. Or else they would be postponed with weak promises of phone calls by agents which then never eventuated. And if they did, they were simply told that the property in question had been rented out in the interim.

The secret filming occurred in Boston, Lincolnshire and now we’ve got to ask ourselves where else is this practice being implemented in the country?

I’d have to say that while I’m shocked I’m not really surprised to see this happening because we seem to have entered an era of migrant hatred all around Europe and in some ways even further ashore. This brings me to the next question – one maybe you can answer for me – why is it that migrants always pull the shortest straw? Or do they not?

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