Aberdeen Experiences Building Frenzy After Trump Announced Golf Course

Aberdeen Experiences Building Frenzy After Trump Announced Golf Course

Since Donald Trump announced his controversial golf course plans in Scotland late last year more than 700 proposed developments have been submitted to Aberdeenshire. It seems that Scottish developers are more than keen to ride the Trump wave when the construction of his golf course commences two years from now.

Propositions range from large housing communities of over 6,000 homes to single home plots. This turn of events has certainly put Aberdeenshire on the global map, making the rural authority one of the busiest in the whole country.

Scotia Homes is one of the developers looking to build 2,200 homes near Cromleybank. A new town proposal has also been submitted by Bancon Developments. Proposed are churches, banks, offices and factories as part of their grand plan.

While the rest of the country faces the gloom of a global recession, Aberdeenshire is in the middle of an economic boom – just because of Trumps resort announcement.

A nearby estate has already been setup for wealthy buyers, houses there sell from £800,000 and offer exclusive use of a private golf course. Maverston Highland Estate already attracts good interest from buyers in Russia, the USA and the UK.

Countrywide a minimum of six new golf courses and under construction all offering properties as part of the package. Despite the recession, gold courses provide eternal opportunities for buyers since they are always sought after.

Photo credits: Rob [via flickr]