Is The US London Embassy The Most Expensive In The World?

Is The US London Embassy The Most Expensive In The World?

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The American ambassador Robert Tuttle announced a week ago that the US embassy was to relocate to a more secure location. News of this spread quickly as speculation arose whether the current embassy location in swanky Grosvenor Square was to be transformed into luxurious high end apartments once the move was approved by British planning authorities and the US Congress.

The current location is large with 225,000 sq ft. of office space, and being used by 750 people. The 600 room building is said to be worth quite a bit of money being in a prestigious location in the middle of London.

If the move goes ahead, then the new location of the US embassy will be moved to Nine Elms, in Wandsworth/Battersea. In that case, the current building will immediately become available for sale on the market.

Local developers Candy Brothers have been speculated to show interest in the embassy building if in fact is does become available.

“I have signed on behalf of the US Government a conditional agreement with the real estate developer Ballymore to acquire a site in the Nine Elms Opportunity Area in Wandsworth for the construction of a new embassy.” Ambassador Tuttle said.

He also stated that in the event of the proposal being turned down by the authorities, the embassy might possibly be renovated instead.

If on the other hand, the project will be approved, then the new embassy location will most likely serve as a catalyst to the makeover of the South London location.