Scots lottery winners the most prudent

Scots lottery winners the most prudent

Scots lottery winners are the least likely to splurge after a big win, preferring instead to spend sensibly and invest the cash, a new survey has revealed.

The spend spend spend lifestyle is out, with most winners using the money to buy a new house or go on a nice holiday.

Almost a quarter of those surveyed said they would share their good luck with family and close friends, however 7% said they would not tell anyone about their big win.

The survey, for National Savings and Investments (NS&I), asked almost 1,500 Brits what they would spend a £1 million win on. Not one Scot said they would blow their win on flashy cars or designer clothes and jewellery, in fact 11% said they would not spend anything at all.

Half those surveyed said they would spend the money on a new house or car or a property abroad, while almost one in 10 said they would put it in secure savings and investments.

But while the Scots have a reputation for being tight-fisted they are more likely to give some of their win to charity than winners south of the border, with more than 80% saying they would give to a good cause.

Scotland has had a run of lottery luck in recent weeks. Last weekend Midlothian couple Alex and Sandra Fraser scooped the £8.5 million Lotto jackpot.

In keeping with the survey’s findings the couple said that they would be spending their win on a nice house, a car – and a box at their beloved Hibernian FC.

Just the week before the Frasers’ big win six distillery workers from Glasgow shared in a £15 million Lotto prize. The colleagues from Morrison Bowmore Distillers, each won a £2.5 million share of the jackpot.

But while the Frasers and the distillery workers went public with their big wins according to the NS&I survey most people (61%) would only tell family and close friends.

One in four winners would only tell their partner while 7% would not tell anyone at all, with men more likely than women to keep their good fortune a secret.

Enterprising Scots are also more likely to use some of the money to launch a business idea – with the majority naming their role model in terms of managing their money as billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson.

Just 4% of Scots said they would model their spending on the Beckhams, almost a quarter chose to follow Harry Potter author JK Rowling’s example when it came to how to spend their riches