International Real Estate News from Russia

International Real Estate News from Russia

There has been a great deal in the press recently regarding the fast emerging Russian market with details on Russian buyers investing in property around the world in ever increasing numbers.

Six years ago the aiGroup created the full mechanism to enable International Real estate agents and developers to target and contact potential Russian investors. The Moscow International Property Shows were the first events to be staged in Russia and the success is due to careful management and appreciating the requirements of the participants.

The Moscow International Property Shows have now been joined by the Moscow International Investment Shows and the St. Petersburg International Property Shows with all events following the same principles attracting high numbers of potential buyers.

“Our success has been due to the hard work of our participants. We listen and make improvements to ensure they enjoy successful sales. With more than 75% of our participants returning to each event this is our best testimonial” states Kim Waddoup CEO of the aiGroup. “In the last years we have seen a number of new events appear, some may be larger in floor space but none have found our successful formula to attract good numbers of eager potential buyers. Whilst we have outgrown our venue we prefer to remain in the T-Module Exhibition Hall is this is centrally located, has convenient access and provides our unique atmosphere that is enjoyed by both participants and visitors”.

The aiGroup has long pursued a policy of transparency. Each visitor is registered and receives a bar coded badge. This enables them to announce the exact number of visitors to their events. “With the absence of any independent auditing systems it is easy to claim high numbers of visitors, with our system we advise only the exact numbers of people who actually visited”.

Strategic alliances are also essential to the success of their events. “Our close association with Russia’s leading International Real Estate magazine, International residence and Russia’s first real estate portal ensure smooth interaction to our targeted audience sector”

Whilst all the aiGroup events sell out months in advance, they operate a waiting list system which enables potential participants the opportunity to request space should space become available. The dates of the aiGroup’s future events are confirmed at:-

  • 3rd Moscow International Investment Show 03&04 October 08
  • 1st St. Petersburg International Property Show 17&18 October 08
  • 11th Moscow International Property Show 14&15 November 08
  • 4th Bulgarian Property Salon 13&14 February 09
  • 4th Moscow International Investment Show 13&14 March 09
  • 12th Moscow International Property Show 10&11 April 09

Full details of the events and additional activities of the aiGroup can be found on their website