Property Prices in Eastern Europe

Property Prices in Eastern Europe

After our in depth look at dubious building developments in Eastern Europe, Forbes magazine has jumped on the band wagon and gone a little up market. In that vein, we decided to present some of the most expensive properties in Eastern Europe. Some are currently for sale, some are just in need of an idea to turn them into money makers and some are just plain expensive.

Sotheby’s International are offering this gem on the “Cote D’Azur of Baltics,” Latvia. Price undisclosed.

Chateaux et chateaux have this “Significant castle, south of Prague” for sale at only 4 million euros.

This contemporary Villa in Warsaw is for sale at an “undisclosed price,” but according to the agents, Sotheby’s International, “If nothing is good enough, you have to come up with something new. Built in 2005 to the highest standards, the villa is located in a quiet and peaceful area, known as the jewel of Warsaw.”

This property in Eurasia, just a few miles from Moscow city centre is on sale for a cool $100 million.

It doesn’t take a genius to guess where this last property is going to end up. Bram Castle was recently returned to the Habsberg family by the Romanian government., and almost before the ink was dry on the deeds, handed over to New York firm Baytree. Archduke Dominic said, “I chose Michael Gardner (Chairman of Baytree) to create a plan for Bran Castle because I felt he would do it with the utmost sensitivity towards my family, the castle’s history, and our ties to the country. Loosely translated, this means “squeeze as much money out of Dracula World before someone else jumps on the idea.” Bram Stoker would be turning in his grave…If he had one. Cue scary laughter and the rustling of bats in the eaves. We already found some promotional material lying around the place that would work.

Anything to be of service, tickets only 10 groats. Angry mobs with torches are extra.


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