Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Condo

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Condo

18-year-old Daniel Radcliffe, star of the Harry Potter film series has just paid $4.3 million for a condo in New York. The condominium in question is a glass walled, fifth floor apartment in SoHo, a bohemian New York district.

It seems unlikely the film star will actually move in, as the apartment was almost immediately offered on the rental market by Gilmore Jacobs, a firm set up by Radcliffe’s parents in 2000 to maximize his earnings – asking rent $20,000 per month. Harry Potter joins a growing list of wealthy Brits buying in to the New York luxury condo market and taking advantage of the current weak dollar.

Not the Actual Condo

Daniel Radcliffe was the youngest person to make the prestigious Sunday Times Rich List back in 2006. By 17-years-old, the Harry Potter star had amassed a personal fortune of £14 million. The annual list placed Radcliffe at number eight in the 30-years-old and younger category, although he has since been overtaken by a number of other youngsters, and only managed a lowly thirty third place this year with an estimated wealth of £17 million. Orlando Bloom joins him in this spot although we are not sure if Mr. Bloom is also taking the opportunity of buying up New York.

When he first turned 18 and gained control of his earnings, Radcliffe was quoted in the press as saying that he, “wasn’t planning on being particularly extravagant,” but that money must have been burning a hole in his pocket for all this time. We assume he has some sort of magic trick up his sleeve that will guarantee the rent is paid on time.


Not the Actual Condo Either


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