Donald Trump To Build A Scottish Golf Resort

Donald Trump To Build A Scottish Golf Resort


After being rejected to build his proposed £1 billion golf and housing resort in north east Scotland by the Aberdeenshire council’s infrastructure committee last year, Donald Trump has finally gotten approval for his project thanks to government intervention.

The 1,400-acre resort on the Menie Estate at Balmedie in Aberdeenshire, has enraged environmentalists because it is feared to damage precious sand dunes and bird life. Proposed are two 18-hole golf courses, a 450 room hotel with a conference center, a spa and 500 homes.

When the development was announced initially last year it sparked a lot of controversy because of the environmental issues. However, despite the opposition from the “greens” Trump has the full support of local businesses and politicians who deem the resort vital to the economy.

A three week public inquiry in Aberdeen back in June and July this year saw the plans being heavily scrutinised by the Scottish government. It was finally given the go ahead but only if Trump reaches a legal agreement with the local municipality on 40 conditions attached to the agreement.

The real estate tycoon has also stated that he will not run out of funds since he has plenty of cash to fund this project, even in savaged economic times.

Trump plans to start construction on the two golf courses first before building the homes. The conditional approval also comes with the requirement that Trump builds 98 affordable homes to supplement the local community. Since the golf courses are the ones which sparked the discussions they are not zoned for housing at this stage. Trump is in fact building on a protected nature reserve.

The development has been said to become an economic and tourism stronghold as it will bring new jobs – some 6,000 of which 1,400 will be local and permanent.