5 of the Most Controversial Golf Resort Developments

5 of the Most Controversial Golf Resort Developments

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Golf developments in sunny locations are a big-hit with the buyers, and have sold well even during the recent downturn. They generate millions in revenue for the locations in which they are built. Unfortunately developers are trying to capitalise on this fact to build golf courses on conservation areas and even on people’s homes. Obviously this is a cause of controversy. Between that and the development escapades of fallen star Tiger Woods, here are some interesting stories in the world of international golf resort development — here are just a few of them:

Trump Course on the Menie Links Aberdeenshire

First of all we have plans for the “world’s greatest golf course” on the Menie Links in Aberdeenshire from our friendly global entrepreneur come property developer Donald Trump. Controversy comes from the fact that homes currently exist on the site, or rather from the fact that Trump has based the plan on the fact that the local council will make compulsory purchases of the homes if the owners persist in refusing to sell.

According to the design of the development one of the four homes within the bounds of the design is wiped out by the golf course, and the other by a block of holiday apartments. The scary thing is that the revenue a resort of this magnitude can bring to the cash-strapped local authority will make Trump’s demand for compulsory purchases hard to refuse. Given the 241 comments in the Scotsman, mostly against the proposal… I predict a riot!

Tiger Woods Dubai Golf Course

This is a $5.1 billion golf course, designed by golfing giant Tiger Woods, arguably the best golfer who ever lived — he also owns a small stake in the project. Controversy here comes from two reasons; a: the course was designed by Woods long before it was revealed in a Hollywood style Expose the he had been sleeping with 11 women as well as his wife, and by the course was designed and started when Dubai villas were being sold for $11 – $23m, now you’re lucky to get $1m. None the less according to recent reports the project is proceeding now, after delays over the past few months.

Tiger Woods Albany Golf & Beach Club in Bahamas

To be honest this is a fantastic project. One that I would buy into myself had I the £3m price-tag for an apartment. Controversy here comes again from the Tiger Woods involvement; the star having since been disgraced by his adulterous affairs and had several major sponsorship and advertising deals revoked.

Harbor Shores – Lake Benton – Michigan


This is a golf-centred development of luxury condos on the shores of Lake Benton in Michigan, which has just received a further $12.6m in tax credits because it is recycling polluted industrial land. Controversy here comes because the grants come at a time when the developers are being taken to court, for failing to build new parks as a replacement for the conservation park-land it was granted a long-lease on, and because it is also being taken up on other suits because residents say that they are polluting the conservation land themselves.

Westhill Golf Resort Development – Aurora – Ontario

This is 75 condos built around an 18-hole golf course. The controversy here lies in the fact that the developer has applied for planning permission to build the resort in an area of strict conservation under The Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Act (ORMCA) and the Greenbelt Act. Conservationists say that — on top of the conservation issue –, despite the developers’ proposals to collect and recycle water, the development would put the already over-stretched water-supplies in the region under further stress.

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