Madonna’s Divorce – How Much Real Estate Will It Cost Her?

Madonna’s Divorce – How Much Real Estate Will It Cost Her?


Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s divorce continues to make headlines as the estimated wealth of the couple is in the hundreds of million pounds. In the seven years of their marriage they have amassed a nice property portfolio in both of their names, however, it will be interesting to see whether Guy will squeeze Madge for some of her pre-wedding fortune, estimated at over £300 million by The Sunday Times.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s Property Portfolio

The couple own:

  • The Punchbowl pub in the swanky London Mayfair suburb which they bought for £2.5 million.
  • A £6 million Mews property which is situated directly adjacent to their Marylebone home. It houses the couple’s staff.
  • Ashcombe House in Wiltshire, worth £12 million.
  • The £7 million Georgian 10-bedroom townhouse in Marylebone, which was the family’s main London residence.
  • A £1.6 million five-storey Georgian townhouse, situated in Conway Street, Regent’s Park currently used as a Kabbalah Hotel.
  • A Kabbalah Centre in London’s West End valued at £3.6 million.
  • A Beverly Hills ten bedroom mansion worth £8 million.
  • A New York penthouse apartment, bought by Madonna some 20 years ago, valued at £2million. (listings courtesy of the UK Telegraph)

Madonna has been named the world’s richest performer and some speculate that she is in danger of losing a considerable amount of her assets if the divorce was to end up in court at all.

In the end it all comes down to how amiably the couple will split in the end. This is just another example that having all the money in the world will not make one happy.

Photo credits: Claire & Ewan [via flickr], Sugar