World’s Most Expensive Family House – Antilia (Mumbai) Lays Empty! Now the...

World’s Most Expensive Family House – Antilia (Mumbai) Lays Empty! Now the World’s Biggest Waste

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Unbelievable.That is the only word fit to describe the fact that the world’s tallest, most luxurious, lavish and downright most expensive single-family home has been left lying empty for what is now more than a year since its completion. People are understandably angry at the waste. But that is not the only unbelievable thing about this mammoth building built by Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani.

most expensive home in the world - full view of antila residence mumbai

The latest reason being given for the family’s failure to move into their home with its cinemas, helipads and crystal chandeliered ballroom is that it doesn’t have enough eastern facing windows. The reports say that the family fears living in the building would plunge them into a curse of bad luck, for not adhering to the principles of Vastu Shastra – a Hindu variant of Feng Shui. That is unbelievable.

No, really, it is. Ambani’s insistence on Feng Shui throughout the architectural consultations is no secret, so surely this would have been picked up then. And that is not the only reason to smell a rat either.

It is funny that we would be hearing this rumour about why the family hasn’t moved in yet, just shortly after reports emerged that the land the building sits on was sold illegally, and is therefore actually still owned by a minority group who had earmarked the land for construction of a school for the underprivileged. Speaking of smelling rats, and the underprivileged, this isn’t the first time anger has been voiced about this development.


The site is surrounded by shanty towns, street beggars, open sewers and ultimately poverty killing people while the lavish building sits empty. Looking at the comments on the latest stories, like those that went before, such a lavish display of wealth in a country that is still receiving billions of dollars in international aid (including £600 million per year from the UK) has been making people angry since construction began. This of course made worse by the waste we now see.   Whatever the reason for the family not moving in yet, let us hope that Ambani sees sense soon, knocks down the building and builds a school for the underprivileged. Heck, let’s hope he throws in a hospital as well.

Photos of the Interior

Photo credits: Christopher Macsurak Kalpita Alejandro Arce  and  Jay Hariani