Ourbania.com – Real Estate Development goes Web 2.0!

Ourbania.com – Real Estate Development goes Web 2.0!

Build your own city is the tag line. Ourbania.com is offering you the opportunity to build your own city. Ourbania is a web 2.0 community of real estate enthusiasts with a passion for creating urban architecture – as real or surreal as you like. Basically, how the system works is you sign up and start creating urban developments using a combination of Flickr photos, manually inserted information regarding the developer, financier, architect etc, and build a theoretical development. These are the basic instructions:

All buildings worldwide can become urban items, no matter whether they’re historical places or future projects. Dedicated to commercial real estate, ourbania particularly presents outstanding objects like skyscraper, arenas, bridges, landmarks and many more. Choose the name for the item carefully. It cannot be changed after submitting. You collect 10 points for each urban item you build. All categories (except the name of the urban item) can be changed at any time, by any citizen. Pick up a term from the dropdown list or add a comma-separated list of terms in the input fields. If you don’t know all data, you can leave fields blank. Other citizens will add the missing pieces of information. For help how to insert flickr images look into our blog: Adding photos from flickr – a quick manual. Just type in the address of the urban item, and its location will be shown on a Google¬† map. If the balloon marker on the map seems to be not properly displayed, try to type in a more detailed address.

I think our current favorite is the O2 World, a computer rendition of the upcoming sports stadium in Berlin, Germany.

We will hopefully be doing a more in-depth look at the site with an interview with the one of the creators of the site in the near future. Yet another way to while away those internet hours courtesy of mediaman GmbH.