Property Investors to Look to India During Credit Crunch

Property Investors to Look to India During Credit Crunch

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Merrill Lynch predicts a 700% increase in Indian property market by 2015

Changes in Indian property law will allow UK investors to take advantage of the predicted seven fold increase in the Indian property market. – the company that brings investment opportunities from the most up and coming areas of India to investors in the UK – has been quick to present Rudrapur to UK investors after the change in Indian investment laws. Units start at just £28,950 (€ 36,735).

Rudrapur is situated 250km north east of Delhi in Northern India, near the Himalayas. Chosen with care – on the basis of its many merits – this 4,200 acre development will employ 300,000 people upon completion. It will be home to some of the world’s and India’s leading manufacturing companies attracted by tax incentives, availability of skilled labour force, cheap energy costs and excellent transportation links.

With a large influx of people to Rudrapur, a severe housing shortage can be expected. The Government of India has already reported a 19.8 million unit housing shortage in the country, offering a huge investment potential for UK property investors looking for options as exorbitant UK property prices and the credit crunch limit investment in the UK.

Andrew Fassnidge, Managing Director of said, “With the UK market in decline and investors increasingly looking further abroad, India is a very attractive proposition. ‘India Inc.’ has invested approximately £1 billion (€1.27 billion) in Rudrapur, making it the next big address for industry. What Bangalore is to IT, Rudrapur will soon be to manufacturing.”

He added, “With the law change it is now possible for foreign buyers to invest in India and the Indian property market is primed for a phenomenal boom. Merrill Lynch has predicted the property market will increase from a value of £6 billion (€7.63 billion) in 2005 to £45 billion (€57.19 billion) by 2015. Capital appreciation will not be overlooked by the astute investor here.”

Seminars will be held by in the coming weeks to give potential investors more information about these properties and investing in India. The next seminar will be held at Comfort Hotel Harrow, by Harrow at 7pm on the 6th of May.