Press Release: Property Abroad Revamped

Press Release: Property Abroad Revamped

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Following a series of recent property website makeovers, the next to follow this trend has been Property Abroad. Director of the portal Les Calvert said, “Over the past 9 years we have grown into one of the largest UK based overseas property portals and we have grand plans to become even more significant in the coming years.”

He later added, “New players are entering the industry with comparable websites, and as we hadn’t made any visual or functional changes to the website for 4 years, we decided it was time for a face-lift.”

Following the recent recession, an increasing number of property portals have been redesigning their websites to attract more attention to the range of properties they have on offer. It makes sense to know property portals are preparing for when the market picks up.

Web designer Jamie Arthur, commenting on what he had in mind said, “Well to put it in basic terms; our number one priority was that the site had to be user friendly.” He also mentioned that the new design had been a success, increasing traffic to the website by 75 percent.

Web developer and owner Les Calvert said, “The main job for us was bringing the coding up to current web standards, and to implement added functionality.”Taking into account the amount of resources it has taken to make the new Property Abroad website a success, it would be no surprise if we see more portals follow suit.

While the website looks promising there is still a few areas of improvement, notably the aesthetics and accessibility.