Press Release: Treasured Dreams Treehouses, launch new Escape Lodges

Press Release: Treasured Dreams Treehouses, launch new Escape Lodges

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Scotland’s own Treasured Dreams Treehouses, designers and makers of some of the world’s most beautiful Treehouses, have branched out of the domestic market and developed the Escape, a range of naturally discerning retreats aimed at the hotel market.

“As a business, Treasured Dreams has been the leader in the domestic market with our beautiful handcrafted Treehouses,” says Gordon Brown, the founder and designer of the Escape. “We’ve had many hotels enquiring about creating a Treehouse retreat. However, the unique nature of a Treehouse makes health and safety, and accessibility real issues in the commercial sense and most hotels simply don’t have a suitable tree in which to perch one.

The Escape range is designed to answer these problems from the outset and to create the most beautiful luxury accommodation solution for the hotel market. By combining the skills of our exceptional designers, craftsmen, architects, engineers and interior designers: Treasured Dreams Treehouses created the Escape. The Escape can deliver on almost any build requirement from single units to entire redevelopment proposals.

With the financial downturn increasingly persuading people who would normally holiday abroad to stay on home soil, operators across the UK are expecting a record year. Hoteliers are now looking to create an imaginative and exhilirating experience, something unique, that guests will talk about with friends and family.

With prices starting from around £40,000 to buy and install, and with construction taking only a few weeks, hotels can add extra rooms without shutting down for building work or disturbing guests.

Adding an Escape has huge additional benefits, by adding extra bedrooms a hotel gains revenue from increased occupancy, as well as increased revenue created through the bar and restaurant adding significantly to the local economy.


*Interior of the Escape Sanctuary in elegant greens and muted purples sets the scene for two.

We hope that this will be of interest to your readers, if you would like further information, or high-resolution images of our products please contact me using the details below and I’ll be happy to help.