Press Release: Statistics from the Russian overseas property Market Jan-May 09

Press Release: Statistics from the Russian overseas property Market Jan-May 09

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Recent statistics produced by, Russia’s leading Overseas Property Portal for the first 5 months of 2009 reveal many interesting and encouraging trends:-

Top destinations: Based on the statistics for the first 5 months of 2009:-

  1. Bulgaria 19.4%
  2. Spain 10.6%
  3. Turkey 6.7%
  4. Ukraine/Crimea 6.7%
  5. Montenegro 6.2%
  6. Czech Republic 5.1%
  7. Cyprus 4.1%
  8. Italy 3.9%
  9. Egypt 3.8%
  10. Germany 3.5%
  11. USA 3.4%

The top ten account for 73.4% of the total number of searches. Other locations in the 10-20 positions were; (11) Finland, (12) France, (13) Greece, (14) UAE, (15) Croatia, (16)Thailand, (17) Kazakhstan, (18) Australia, (19) Portugal, (20) Switzerland.

Prices: The trend for the first 5 months indicates that the number of searches in the lower priced sectors have increased substantially with 22% more searches in the €100,000-200,000 range. Searches for property over €500,000 have decreased slightly.

Locations: Moscow continues to dominate the number of searches with more than 45% of the total, however in the last 5 months, the number of searches from St. Petersburg have increased by more than 27% further indicating the potential of this region.

Up-coming events:

  • 02&03 October Moscow International Investment Show
  • 16&17 October St. Petersburg International Property Show
  • 13&15 November Moscow International Property Show

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