Press Release: Russia. St. Petersburg market continues to grow

Press Release: Russia. St. Petersburg market continues to grow

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St. Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city and the fourth largest city in Europe. With a  population of 4,750,000 and the North West region of Russia with a total population of 14.3 million, it has recently become a target for overseas property companies. The progressive local government continues to attract many multinational corporations to re-locate there (Ford, Toyota, GM, Nissan, GE, Coca Cola, Wrigley, Lucent Technologies etc) the economy of the region is growing fast.

Several Property Shows have appeared in the recent years but one stands heads above the others. Based on their experience in providing the most effective Property Shows in Moscow, the aiGroup, continue to show their domination in the market with their St. Petersburg International Property Shows. Despite other claims this show has the largest floor space sold and does not mix International and Domestic property.

The 3rd St. Petersburg International Property Show took place last weekend under a grey sky and cold weather, but nothing deterred a steady flow of eager buyers streaming into the Ledoviy sports stadium during both days.

The St. Petersburg International Property Show remains true to its prime principal of only offering overseas property and not mixing with any domestic real estate product. “We have seen that the difference between potential investors for overseas property and for apartments in St. Petersburg is vast and to mix the two is detrimental to our overseas developers and agents. Therefore we target only the overseas buyer. Whilst this means lower numbers through the doors, it ensures that our participants are only meeting with potential overseas investors rather than families looking for simple apartments in their home town” Kim Waddoup, CEO of the aiGroup, the organisers.

The 3rd St. Petersburg International Property Show attracted 157 companies offering International Real Estate in 36 countries. These eager sellers were able to interact and present their products to the 6,253 unique registered visitors over the 2 days. It is important to note that the aiGroup is the only company to utilise a registration and bar coded entry tickets to enable exact and accountable visitor figures to be released.

“The St. Petersburg overseas property market remains a developing one but it is growing fast. We continue to see vast differences with our visitors, reminiscent of the early days of our events in Moscow. However as the local economy continues to expand we will soon see further progression in this market” stated Kim Waddoup

The next St. Petersburg International Property Show are 02-03 April 2010.

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