Press Release: Earn 40% of all referred advertisers on and still...

Press Release: Earn 40% of all referred advertisers on and still offer the client a 10% discount

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In times of crisis, offer earning potential for everyone.

Granada, 18th November 2008: A Granada based property portal today announced the launch of their Medhead affiliate program designed to offer employment opportunities to those affected by the current financial crisis.

Kim Jamilly, Managing Director of explains “Nearly everyone who lives in the Mediterranean knows at least five or six people who have property that they want to rent or sell. Now you can turn this knowledge into income and expand this opportunity for your financial benefit.”

“By introducing a client to and on receipt of their payment, 40% of their fee is paid to you; the benefit to the client is a 10% discount.”

Kim goes on to say “In the present climate, there are so many skilled people being made redundant, now instead of becoming de-motivated they can use their entrepreneurial skills to make some money”.

The program works by:

  1. Go to and click on the round orange Euro symbol
  2. Complete the registration form.
  3. You will be given an on-line medhead account with your account
  4. You receive a unique promotion code.
  5. Download your free marketing pack your account will be credited with ten euros.

The more you market your unique code the more money you make.

The only criteria for joining the ‘Medhead affiliate program’ are that you live anywhere in Europe and that you have a good command of English.

Your earning potential grows with you; your on-line account allows complete access to see your progress.

Should you sign up a private individual, the fee to them for advertising one property for one year on is 125 euros. On receipt of that fee you will be credited with 50 euros.

· Sign up a Property Developer and the minimum fee to them is 245 euros, you will be credited with 98 euros.

Shortly the program will include commercial advertisements targeted by area, for example a plumber in Marbella can advertise on the Marbella property results of the search based in English. Or an airline can place an advert on all the German results pages for Spain and France. It is a flexible system that offers targeted marketing.

Anyone with entrepreneurial skills may enjoy the benefits of being a medhead promoter.