iPhone estate agents

iPhone estate agents

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Realtor.com, an American online real estate service has just launched their iPhone only version, allowing potential clients to review properties online at the touch of a widget. Since the iPhone was launched recently in the U.K. it seems safe to assume this new real estate agent media will not go unexploited for long.

Joe DeTuno, senior vice president, product management, realtor.com had this to say, “We’re committed to enhancing the experience consumers have when they’re searching for real estate on REALTOR.com .Our new search capabilities for the iPhone are relevant enhancements that give consumers the full power of mobility and immediate access to REALTOR.com in a manner that fits naturally into their everyday lifestyle.”

Apple expect to sell 3.4 million iPhones next year, and if they drop the UK price a little, they may even sell some here. Regardless, the iPhone demographic is likely to be exactly what a typical high end estate agent is looking for so look for this feature in the UK soon.

Expect to be able to surf the web, seek out new investment opportunities, email friends and still be able to watch Gladiator at the same time.

The realtor.com website is here, but don’t bother looking unless you are reading this on your iPhone it won’t work with any other browser. Which, in itself is a little strange as the iPhone can access normal websites.