Hyde Park – Exclusive Villa Community in New Cairo, Egypt

Hyde Park – Exclusive Villa Community in New Cairo, Egypt

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Spread across 4 million square meters, Hyde Park is the most exclusive villa development in Egypt. The developments strongest features are the 3,000 detached and attached luxury villas nestled with a 1 million square meter landscaped park, which happens to be the biggest private park in Egypt.

Hyde Park – New Cairo Overview

Hyde Park is for the investor with taste and a genuine wish to live in a green paradise in peace and harmony. The spectacular villa designs range from Neo-Classical, Italian-Country to California-Spanish styles.

Overlooking some fantastic views and surrounded by the lush greenery of the park, it is easy to chill out and forget that you are not far from urban New Cairo.

Hyde Park Location

New Cairo is only minutes by car from Hyde Park. The city itself is considered to be the new premium residential district of Greater Cairo. It is situated 350 meters above sea level and a milestone in environment friendly urban developments.

The great climate and sunshine all year round makes this green Egyptian suburb especially appealing to middle to high class families, retirees and expatriates looking for a quality standard of living a stone throw away from the busy city of Cairo . Another huge bonus is the pollution free air.

Hyde Park Facilities

New residents can enjoy a typical tranquil setting among lush green shrubs and plenty of facilities to enjoy the perfect and stylish lifestyle.

  • Gated community with 24 hour surveillance.
  • Huge garden setting with gazebos, park benches, fields, jogging and walking trails, amphitheatre, water features.
  • Private pockets parks for the detached and attached villas offering privacy and peace.
  • Country club and Spa with restaurants, gym, kids play area, banquet area,and more.
  • Members sports centre.
  • Easy access to Cairo and international airport.

Hyde Park Villas


The Hyde Park villas are the feature of this magical setting. The sheer availability and choices are stunning and the hardest bit would be to choose which villa to live in.

Take a closer look at the sheer elegance, style and luxury that is Hyde Park villas.

Neo Classical


The Hyde Park Neo-Classical villas offer living with a refined experience. The limited villas are striking in appearance, offering grandiose living, completed with pediments, columns, entablatures and arches. These villas will set you apart and demonstrate your immaculate taste while assure your quest for a sophisticated lifestyle. With well crafted plans, the Neo-Classical villas are characterized by harmonious form and mathematical proportion that appeal to both emotion and reason. There are a total of three choices in the Neo Classical range of Hyde Park villas.

  • The Juniper
  • The Mulberry
  • The Rosemary

Italian Country


The Hyde Park Italian-Country villas are reminiscent of familiar images reminding us of the Italian countryside. The villas architecture illustrates the beauty of the hills, crowned by groups of tall cypresses and villas that appear as though they have emerged from the earth itself. Tuscany is what comes to mind and you will be excused for forgetting you are actually not in Italy but in Egypt instead.

The villas display beautiful colors and textures, with a distinctively clear, yet subtle palette and an inimitable mixture of simplicity and comfort. The warm colors of the antique clay tiles complement the earth tones of the stucco external walls.

The volumetric massing of the villas is accented by the terrace, loggias and balconies to extend your living space to the outdoors. Italian Country villas provide the perfect ambiance for those who long for a la dolce vita. Choose from the following five types.

  • Il Mandorlo
  • L’Amaranto
  • L’Oleandro
  • Il Tamerice
  • La Primula

California Spanish



The Hyde Park California-Spanish style villas offer architecture embodied by the essence of a rich architectural heritage. Smartly positioned windows, openings and a play of light colored massing are set against dark clay tiles. Together they offer a striking appearance and a relaxed setting.

California-Spanish villas are minimal, yet bold, with a hint of color embodied in accent tile work around windows and doorways. These villas create a statement while offering homely elegance of warmth and comfort. There are eight styles of villas to choose from.

  • L’Avellano
  • El Espadana
  • El Castano
  • El Peral
  • El Morera
  • Algarrobo
  • La Napitellaa
  • La Portulaca

Attached Villas

The Hyde Park attached villas face internal parks, or tree-line neighborhoods and create an undulating skyline of clay-tiled roofs and trellises. The unique multi-level massing of the villas create a fantastic and varied array of elevations.
Thoughtfully designed to resemble large villas, the attached villas are of two types.

  • Twin and
  • Quad.










Both are smartly designed to ensure maximum usage of space and a comfortable lifestyle. All attached villas will have a maid’s room, laundry room, an extra family room on the first floor and a hobby room or an additional bedroom on the second floor loft.

The private access to internal pocket parks between each cluster would offer children and adults the perfect environment for a day out amidst nature’s wonders.

Hyde Park Pricing and Payment Structure Details

Phase 1 of the Hyde Park construction is expected to be completed on or before December 2011. The first cluster could be ready as early as December 2010. To see a full price list and apply your interest, please fill out the contact form below.

To give you an idea on the great opportunity of the Hyde Park development take a look at these unbeatable prices:

Phase 1 Prices range between:

  • US$310,000 – US$1.7m
  • £175,700 – £905,000
  • €245,800 -€1.3m
  • £2m – £9m EGP (Egyptian Pounds)

Payment structure:

  • Deposit: 10% (refundable)
  • 1st Installment: 10% after 90 days with signed contract
  • 2nd Installment: 10% after 180 days with signed contract
  • 3rd Installment: 10% after 180 days from 2nd Instalment
  • 4th Installment: On completion of excavation and enabling works
  • 5th Installment: On completion of 1st floor structure
  • 6th Installment: On completion of 3rd floor structure
  • 7th Installment: On completion of 5th floor structure
  • 8th Installment: On completion of external finishing
  • 9th Installment: On completion

Interested, Contact Us

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