The Most Expensive Hotels in the World are in Monaco

The Most Expensive Hotels in the World are in Monaco

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Monaco Hotel

Monaco is a sovereign state of superlatives, where you will find some of the most expensive apartments for sale in the world next to some of the most exclusive boutiques on the planet.

It is also the most expensive place in the world to book a hotel, according to new research revealed last week.
The Principality, is spoiled for choice when it comes to reserving first-class hotel accommodation, but a night’s accommodation does not come cheap. In fact, according to a recent survey it costs on average £198 to stay in Monaco for the night.

Muscat in Oman is the second priciest destination to stay, according to the poll, setting holidaymakers back £194, followed by New York (£185), Key West in Florida (£171) and Rio de Janeiro (£167).

The survey by looked at hotel prices in 2013 and found that they rose in 69 out of 116 hotels from 2012 to 2013. The study also showed the cheapest places to check in, such as Phnom Penh in Cambodia, where you would pay as low as £33 per night. Hanoi, Vietnam was another destination where bargain hunters could find cheap accommodation at an average of £39 per night.

Meanwhile, the best value European destination in 2013 was the Polish city of Krakow, where the average hotel price was £62 per night.

Monaco may have figured as the destination in which hotel accommodation is the most expensive, but a stay in Principality is well worth the money as Monaco is home to some of the most exclusive establishments in the world. Within a distance no bigger than New York’s Central Park are situated globally renowned hotels such as The Hotel de Paris, The Fairmont Monte Carlo and the Hermitage, all within walking distance of each other.

However, if you would like to opt out of staying at a hotel when in the Principality and would like to invest in property in Monaco instead, visit for more information on the Principality’s luxury homes for sale.