Obsessed With Celebrities? Rent Their Home!

Obsessed With Celebrities? Rent Their Home!


If you have an obsession with celebrities and can’t help and buy the latest gossip mags on the Brad Pack and the likes, then now is your chance to rub shoulders with them; or at least bed yourself in their very homes – holiday home that is.

As the rest of the world is nursing their broken financial affairs, so are the rich and famous. Where once upon a time we were busting our … ahem financial buts to buy that dream holiday home somewhere on sunny shores, these days we can barely hold our own and pay the mortgage, let alone a second home.

Celebrities struggle just as much. Many of them have lost millions and need cash flow to pay for their expensive lifestyles. To keep up with the luxe living, many of them have now resorted to cashing in on holiday rentals with thousands of pounds a week profit.

Construction billionaire Sir Anthony and Lady Bamford, worth an estimated £950m, and friends of Prince Charles have decided to open up their Barbados home to people like you and me. Of course this privilege comes with a hefty price tag. The impressive four-bedroom Pink Cottage, dominating five lush acres by the Caribbean Sea, can be had to rent from £9,000 a week.

Wolf Worster, founder of Pure LA Villas said: “Famous people all over the world rent out their second, third and fourth homes, just as non-famous people would. Thirty thousand dollars a week won’t make them substantially richer, but wealthy people are smart with their money. They see vacation rentals as a way to support the high maintenance costs that come with owning these impressive homes.”

“In America and the Caribbean, there are more high-end homes available for short-term rent than ever before. It indicates that these home owners increasingly need extra income.”

The problem – at least for you and me – is the fact that these type of rentals are usually handled with utmost discretion, meaning you wouldn’t even know you’ve slept in Mick Jagger’s bed for the past week while holidaying in Mystique . Mind you, the place does come with a weekly £10,000 price tag – not exactly fit for the common man and woman. Just in case you can, here is the website to make your dream come true.

Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind bedding myself in the white sands of Necker Island, Richard Branson’s humble abode in the British Virgin Island. If only I had £8,000 a week to spare…
All though, I COULD always settle for a little less, Bruce Willis’ Residence in Parrot Cay, in the Turks and Caicos comes with a price tag of £6,000 for seven nights.

Fact is that holiday letting with the famed crowd is hotter than ever and those with cash-flow and plenty of money to spend make use of these dream locations to enjoy a week – or two – of unmatched luxury living. Why not? If you’ve got it, flaunt it! The dollars that is of course.

If you are anything like me though – a die hard Bond fan – you can’t resist posing as a serious contender to rent Pierce Brosnan’s Hawaiian luxury pad on the North Shores of Kauai. But then again, what separates me from sleeping in Bond’s bed is a meagre $8,000 or so a week.

I suppose I just have to resort myself to dreaming about these properties and perhaps one day I could be one of the lucky celebrity hunters myself and walk in the steps of one of them. If only…