Making Japanese Real Estate Letting more ‘Foreigner Friendly’

Making Japanese Real Estate Letting more ‘Foreigner Friendly’

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Saitama.jpgSaitama, a prefecture of Japan located on the of island of Honshū is according to this source becoming more foreigner friendly. A government initiated project which has drafted over 113 agents, prepares pamphlets that explain the rules of renting and living in an apartment in Japan in Chinese, English, Portuguese and Spanish as well as offers telephone advice on finding guarantors.

This “foreigner-friendly” policy is also helping boost business for the participating agents.

Here is a breakdown of the 479 enquires in 2007; 153 from Chinese (32 percent), 54 from Brazilians (11 percent) and 49 from South Koreans and ethnic Koreans (10 percent).

It is an interesting assessment of migration to this Japanese level.

Photo credit: airthru takashi [via flickr]