Real Estate Websites To Benefit From Google’s Change To Their Maps

Real Estate Websites To Benefit From Google’s Change To Their Maps

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With Google’s latest change to their real estate listings on Google Maps, many real estate website owners can possibly benefit according to Bill Tancer, GM of Hitwise, a popular internet traffic tracking firm. Their latest changes to their Google Map’s pages now includes real estate search tools, making it clear that Google hopes to claim a slice of the online real estate listing market.

Previously claimed by sites such as, and Yahoo Real Estate, Internet giant Google is opening their hand for a slice of the search market.Tancer said:”It’s a competitive threat.”

Spokeswoman for Google Elaine Filadelfo said there was no reason for concern to their competition. She further stated: “We’re certainly thinking about ways to improve the product. But it’s more about improving user experience, as opposed to how we can become the No. 1 real estate destination.”

google-base_logoUp until now real estate professionals were encouraged to submit their listings to the site via Google Base. This service has been free. But despite this service, user experience was somehow limited on Google if one wanted to find the latest listings in a certain area.

To sum it up, the whole exercise often proved to be complicated and time consuming compared to using sites like The new makeover has certainly improved the previous “sloppy” performance and users can now find related listings a lot easier. A current real estate query for listings in New Zealandon Google Maps brings up a page with a link in the top left corner advertising real estate listings search. There is also a map with markers to simplify user search with information on real estate professionals in the country.

Optionally you can also get relevant information by going to and search for Google housing search.  This will also lead you to a link for Google Maps Real Estate at

You can search for properties currently on the market by city, suburb or neighbourhood within Google Maps. As with many other sites who offer this service you can refine your search according to certain criteria, including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet and price range.

This new feature is really nifty because it allows users to find what they are looking for with ease. By zooming in to the individual markers on a map you can find relevant information to any real estate business within a certain area. You will find their phone number, address and their website. If they have photos you’ll see them too.

There is no doubt that the new feature is positive for users looking for real estate listings. Whether Google Maps will become a serious contender for its competing sites is yet to be confirmed.