Advertise Your Real Estate Listings on Twitter with TweetLister

Advertise Your Real Estate Listings on Twitter with TweetLister

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I recently came across TweetLister, a promising looking new Beta service for tweet-happy real estate agents and home owners looking to sell a property. If you already have an existing Twitter login you can get started right away and list your home for sale or rent. Tweetlister is open to residential and commercial sales and free to use.

Why you need to use TweetLister in this day and age:

It is no secret that Twitter – a powerful micro blogging platform – is one of the most visited and used website on the Internet. Savvy marketers from across all industries have already recognised that they must use Twitter in order to attract a steady readership to their website.

Not doing so is close to committing a crime. If you take the popularity of Twitter and throw it into it the new concept of TweetLister you have a powerful combination to sell your home to anyone worldwide without cost.

Thanks to TweetLister you can now reach millions of buyers around the world from the comfort of your home. Does it get any better than that?

You can:

  • View and track all of your listings.
  • Generate leads.
  • Market for free.
  • Reach out to a very large audience.
  • Build followers.
  • Earn more income.
  • Sell properties with ease.

The service also promises to be user-friendly making it easy to find listings with Twitter or on the TweetLister site.

tweetlister home shot

Adding a new listing is easy with TweetLister:

The following screenshot shows you how easy it is to add your own real estate listing on the site. Everything is detailed and explained to you so even if you are new to the Internet you should be able to follow the instructions.


You can schedule your listings for frequencies and let them run once, daily or weekly. You can also choose the start and end date of your listing. Tweetlister is definitely a great tool for any real estate agent of private sales person looking to reach a wide audience.

Detailed page: Once your listing is live it will be shown on its own page with as many or as little details you choose to display. Plus if you are big on search engine rankings then you will be delighted to hear that the backlinks from the site will help you with SEO if you have a website or blog you like to.

profile maintenance

With the extensive profile maintenance abilities you can manage any listing with ease. As you can see on the image to the left there are many options to add more zing to your real estate listing on the TweetLister website.

More TweetLister features:

The following features of TweetLister are worth mentioning:

  • Add more than one Twitter account to your TweetLister account.
  • Use region specific Twitter accounts to help manage your listings.
  • Download contacts into a handy Excel file – this make lead generation a dream come true and it’s free!
  • Get handy stats to show you how much traffic has been on your profile page.
  • Benefit from free marketing and lead generation.

How to get started with TweetLister:

It’s easy to get started with TweetLister. Below are the steps to see you through to your first listing on the site:

  1. Sign up for a free Twitter account on
  2. Visit and sign in using your new Twitter login details.
  3. Use the Control panel on the site to add your first listing.
  4. Edit, manage and delete listings at your convenience.
  5. Please note that once you add a TweetLister listing it will automatically be tweeted for you and those can now be deleted.
  6. If you need to, you can take advantage of the new enhanced detail listing option to add more pictures and details to your listings. This option will help your ad to stand out from others, bringing you even more traffic.
  7. Make sure your profile is up-to-date to showcase your business.
  8. Assign a broker to each of your listings if need be.

TweetLister, a real estate agent must have!

TweetLister is a must have in this day and age if you are in the business of selling houses. The site is still in its baby shoes and with age it will only continue to grow stronger. Can you afford to miss out?