10 East London City Start-ups to Watch

10 East London City Start-ups to Watch

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East London City Start-ups







Europe’s tech industry seems to have found base in East London, or at least that’s how the UK government plans on selling London’s newly expanded Tech City district. The Silicon Roundabout has been stretched out to accommodate a growing number of start-ups and other tech firms, with the government pledging even more support to help attract new talent and add to the areas twitter-happy conversation. While some welcome the attention, others dread overexposure.

As industry bigwigs such as Google and Groupon move-in, locals worry that restrictive property prices might soon follow. Either way, Tech City is buzzing, and these are the ten most rambunctious techies on the block.

1. whosampled

whosampled offers users a unique music listening experience where the sites members are allowed to share and discuss different music samples, and covers by their favorite artists. The company prides its vast database, which it describes as detailing the genesis of music through the ages. whosampled is here in Tech City to benefit from the areas budding music scene, and also to connect with fellow entrepreneurs.

Image via whosampled

2. FundApps

FundApps is bringing its next generation cloud-based software solutions to the painfully jaded financial sector. The company is headquartered in Tech City due its proximity to London’s financial district, and because of the areas low-cost renting options.
3. Squadify

Squadify is an online community for people who are always ready to play. It’s the playground where no one ever has to go home, there’s always one person who’ll be up for a quick set (or three!). Founders Nick Casey and Andy Davey chose Tech Hub as their base due to its vast transport network, and the endless networking opportunities on offer.
4. PickLive

PickLive is a social gaming platform centered on fantasy football. The company’s decision to locate in Tech City came naturally; the atmosphere and people seemed like the perfect fit for this fast growing enterprise.

5. Twileshare

Twileshare is exactly what you think it to be; a file-sharing program built around twitter. Its reason to set-up shop in Tech City? Networking, possibility of collaborations, and the food.

6. 8fold

8fold is a company geared towards helping its clients position themselves more effectively in the virtual universe, be it social media or other interactive software solutions, 8fold deals with all. Founder Sinead MacManus says moving to the Tech City neighborhood wasn’t a conscious decision, she just liked the community feel of the place.
7. PeerIndex

PeerIndex ranks your social capital. It screens out the smart from the greater Internet population, and does so on the basis of the kind of data you are sharing. The company is at Tech City because everybody else is too.
8. 33Seconds

33Seconds offers PR services for tech companies, and also specializes in social media marketing and strategy building. They decided on Tech City because of the overall excitement in the region, and believe the area to be the heart of Euro Tech.
9. WorkSnug

WorkSnug helps knowledge-based, self-reliant workers find snug coffee shops to function as their workspace for the day. The tech firm is snuggled up in Tech City by default as founder Richard Leyland lives in the East London neighborhood.
10. Red Leader

Red Leader is a design studio that specializes in fashioning websites, apps, and social media marketing campaigns. The company is stationed in Tech City because of the inspiration the place engenders.

It’s just a really cool place to be in. With lots of buzz.

Photo Credits: osde8info via Flickr & lovquist via Flicrk