Brad Pitt Busy With New Family Home In France – Chateau Mirval

Brad Pitt Busy With New Family Home In France – Chateau Mirval

In one of our celebrity round ups earlier this year we talked about Brad Pitt and wife Angelina Jolie’s new French chateau estate in the South of France. The £35 million chateau in the French Riviera features 35-bedrooms and is set to be the new home of the Pitts to raise their plethora of children.

Whether they’ve actually bought the property as was reported from several news sources back in March, or whether they rent it is a little unclear. One would think they’d have the money to buy but then nobody knows this until absolutely confirmed.

News sources report that Brad Pitt is currently busy with renovations on the estate to make their new home family friendly. A reported $5 million are being spent on the renovations which include various security features to keep out the snooping world and keeping in the privacy of a family that is battling to live a life of normality among the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

While Brad is playing handyman, Ange is brushing up on her flying skills in Burbank, California. Brad was seen landing in Marseille, France this week for a quick stop over to check up on the procedures of his new home. He has taken a very high interest in the design of the ChateauMirval and said to design some of the furniture himself.

The chateau is surrounded by a moat and has its own lake.

Pitt told Britain’s Reveal magazine: “We’re still nomadic, but we enjoy our privacy there. It’s cut off, so we feel secure that we’re not going to be photographed when we’re at home. We get run out of pretty much every major city. I may b**ch about it, but photographers chase the kids and call their names. In France, they are much cooler. It is nice and slow-moving and we are surrounded by countryside and space.”

The 44-year old further stated that he is aware of having had the occasional run-in with paparazzi in France but him and his wife had devised some sneaky tactics of outsmarting them in the meantime.

“Even there, we have to prepare for the unexpected. When the twins were born, one photographer got on to the hospital roof because he thought we would leave by helicopter. Instead, a van pulled up, we walked out in the middle of the night and that was it – a low-key exit.”