20 bedroomed house for sale in Germany

20 bedroomed house for sale in Germany

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20 bed house in Germany


Estate in excellent location, ideal for investment, commercial or private use.
About the estate
The total area of land extends over 3.531 square metres, of which
– 1.720 square metres include buildings and courtyard,
– 1.811 square metres bordered by forest, for recreational activities.

PRICE £334,000

There are 2 unoccupied buildings:
1. a residential house
2. a previous factory building with 2 storeys.
Both buildings were used, at times with 30 occupiers, on a living space of 651,44 square metres. Years ago the factory building was used for horticulture purposes and previously for a carpentry.
The buildings can be renovated, but better removed to construct new premises.
The estate is also fully accessible for heavy goods vehicles.

House in Germany

A convenient and strategic location
The estate is situated in Remscheid, an important city in the metropolitan region of Rhein-Ruhr. There are two large cities within easy reach just about 30 mi¬nutes by car, Düsseldorf (capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, the state with the highest population in Germany) and Cologne. The city of Wuppertal is 15 mi¬nutes away. This is an excellent location for commercial use, but also attractive as a private residence for those, who wish to live close to nature with access to walking trails in the nearby forest area.

A unique offer
For nearby plots of land, but not in such a good location, were paid 300 € ( 257 £) per square metre already three years ago. Without consideration of a price in-crease, this would give a total amount of about 534.000 €/457.300 £ (= 1.720 square metres x 300 €/257 £ plus 1.811 square metres forest area x 10 €/8,56 £).
After painful personal changes and many health problems in the last two years, also in view of an advanced age (74 years), the private owner decided to sell his estate, international offering it for a radical reduced price of now only 390.000 € ( = 334.000 £ ) as a really good opportunity for an investor, who is able to see the value of the ground.

Far-sighted use of the estate
The value of the whole estate is especially to see in the ground area in best loca-tion with good traffic connections. So we recommend to remove the old build-ings. We have drafts of an architect to build there 6 exclusive houses with an underground car park. But of course any other planning for spacious buildings is possible. – The present economic boom in Germany, with permanent increasing prices for building land too, offers now an excellent opportunity for a still inex-pensive investment.

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The attached photos give scarcely informations about the buildings inside. But with the recommended new buildings after demolition it may be not important.

For any enquiries, negotiations or to make an appointment to view the property please do not hesitate to contact the owner: