Yet Another World’s Tallest Tower Planned for Dubai

Yet Another World’s Tallest Tower Planned for Dubai

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As Dubai developer’s, Emaar approach the completion of the construction world’s tallest building – the Burj Dubai, their chief competitor’s; Nakheel another Dubai based developer, announced plans on Sunday to build an even more ambitious skyscraper that is to soar a kilometre high.


The kilometre high building, Nakheel Harbour and Tower would be the centrepiece of a 270-hectare community in the heart of ‘New Dubai’ near Jebel Ali. The development and community is planned to attract millions of visitors annually and it to be the residence and workplace of over 100,000 people.


The tower will have about 150 elevators, more than 200 floors and will take an estimated 500,000 cubic metres of concrete to construct.

According to the developer’s, Nakheel Harbour & Tower incorporates elements from great Islamic cities of the past – the gardens of Alhambra in Spain, the harbour of Alexandria in Egypt, the promenade of Tangier in Morocco and the bridges of Isfahan in Iran.


The tower would be a combination of four individual towers conjoined at various levels and centred on a single open atrium.

With the final height of Emaar’s Burj Dubai closely guarded, speculations are that it would stand at 818 metres when completed next September. The final height of the Nakheel Harbour and Tower would likewise be a secret – but the company says it will be more that 1 km tall.


In Summary

  • Nakheel Harbour and Tower will soar more than 1km high
  • There would be more than 200 floors and 150 lifts
  • A workforce of approximately 30,000 would be involved in construction
  • There would be a massive 10,000 parking spaces
  • The development would include an additional 40 towers ranging in height from 20 floors to 90 floors (250m-350m)
  • There would be over 19,000 residential apartments in the complex
  • 3,500 hotel rooms are planned with a super luxury 100-room hotel to be located at the top of Nakheel tower
  • Nakheel are the master developers of the archipelago of man-made islands – The World

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