Ten Celebrities and their involvement in the Dubai Property Market

Ten Celebrities and their involvement in the Dubai Property Market

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Sometimes it is just nice to know how the other half live. Since we hear so much about Dubai’s property boom we wanted to see whether celebrities agreed with the general population as they often scoop up the best deals in the process.

So we went on a celebrity Dubai property hunt and that is what we came up with.

David & Victoria Beckham

Mr & Mrs Beckham in LA [credits: Nicholas Macgowan via flickr]

Whoever said celebrities were stingy with their money. This is obviously not so with David Beckham who generously handed the keys to his £8 million Palm Jumeirah villa in Dubai to his in laws.
Due to his work load David is unable to spend time at this waterfront home which he bought 6 years ago. He must have had a good nose or else someone whispered into his ears. Lucky for his in laws though. They can now call this palatial home their own.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Brad-Pitt-and-Angelina-Jolie The Jolie’s must be a happy bunch, considering they have reportedly bought a whole island in Dubai.

Not only are they travelling the world with their Brady bunch, but they had to BUY The World, or at least a slice of it. Owing a slice of the prestigious The World development in Dubai’s off shore development will certainly give them ample space to build enough bedrooms for all the kids.

Does this mean they are now officially pirates? Ah yeah, perhaps the boat is next.

Brad & Angelina [Credits: rgay via flickr]


Giorgio Armani in Hyde Park [Photo credits: Lewro via Flickr]

The Armani emporium is no longer content with just designing top quality fashion. They had to up the stakes and go into hotel development just to prove they can.

Armani’s will be responsible for their first hotel ever in the soon to be finished Burj Dubai tower. Predicted to be completed early next year, the Burj Dubai as it is affectionately known is already the tallest commercial and residential tower in the world.

So what can one expect from the Armani involvement? Let’s have a guess. How about prestige, class, style, luxury and the finest of quality.

Boris Becker

Becker on-board an Emirates A380 [photo credits: Ammar Rabbo via flickr]

Boom-boom Becker has his hands in many cakes. Lately, the former Wimbledon champ has turned developer by agreeing to put his name onto the Boris Becker Tower in Dubai.

Valued at Dhs550m, the tower is built on one of the more prestigious addressed in Dubai, right in the centre of the business district. It will feature 19-storeys of class A commercial space with freehold titles.

Michael Schumacher

Schumacher [photo credits: jimaral via flickr]

Schumi has found his new passion. Not many can claim to go from Formula 1 driver to Business Avenue developer in their lives. But it doesn’t stop there. We all know that the rich get richer by ways of collecting amazing freebies.

What would you say to a freebie that was worth $7 million and situated in the prestigious new The World development on Dubai’s shores?

Schumacher received his generous gift after retiring from Formula 1 racing. Not bad a present. What do you think?

Hillary Swank

Hillary Swank [photo credits: Indoloony via flickr]

The swanky Hillary is the newest celebrity to endorse The World in Dubai with a new $1.49 billion development. In fact she is the lucky new signed face of the swanky (pardon the punt) Aquitainia development in the middle of The World.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump [photo credits: via ChicagoEye flickr]

Donald Trump fired himself from the boardroom (at least temporarily) to endorse his showpiece tower, the Palm Trump International Tower in Dubai. Trump Tower Dubai will be the proud centerpiece of the Palm Golden Mile once the development is completed. Projected for completion in 2009, this tower will impress visitors to the Palm Jumeirah with its design and height.

Ivana Trump


Ivana Trump has certainly not seemed to suffer when her marriage to the Donald broke up years ago. These days the sparkling diva is a successful real estate tycoon. So much so that Dubai based Darvesh Group has joined forces with Ivana to launch the Le Diamond property development earlier this year.

Construction is expected to start next year and it promises to be sparkling with a twin tower design that will be shaped like a diamond. What else can we expect of this

Ivana Trump [Photo credits: Jesilu Mac via flickr]

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan [photo credits: Bollywood se via flickr]

Bollywood has arrived in the UAE. The famous Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan has had enough (just kidding) of sultry movies with black haired beauties and has now turned his attention to property development on Al Dana Island in Ras Al Khaminah, one of the UAE’s smaller emirates (seems to be some kind of fashion it seems).

Shah Rukh Khan Boulevard will officially be announced on the upcoming Cityscape Dubai, held on October 6th to 9th.


Tiger Woods in Dubai Desert Classic Tiger Woods in Dubai Desert Classic [photo credits: halim44 via flickr]

Tiger Woods, Colin Montgomerie (in 2006), Ernie Els (2008), Greg Norman, Sergio Garcia, Pete Dye and Vijay Singh have all got their hands in Dubai property.

Many know that Dubai is favoured by top golfers all around the world and with the current developments it is no surprise that these guys want a slice of the yummy pie.