Where to Buy Property in Dubai – Downtown Jebel Ali

Where to Buy Property in Dubai – Downtown Jebel Ali

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Jebel Ali map

Downtown Jebel Ali, is a 200 hectare urban development zone south of the Jebel Ali Port Trade Freezone (the world’s largest man-made harbour ), north of the soon to be largest airport in the world – Jebel Ali International Airport (JXB) and 11 kilometres along Sheikh Zayed Road (or E 11), the longest highway in the United Arab Emirates. With the current trend of property prices in Dubai, Jebel Ali’s relatively low prices and strategic location has put it on our property investment radar as a promising area to watch in Dubai. As construction in Downtown Jebel Ali continues, it is considered to be the heart and soul of logistics in Dubai as it is to be the residential district for workers in the trade freezone port & airport.

Once finished, the whole development area will consists of four separate areas, also called quarters. These are divided into:

  • East Quarter, which will be 12 million ft2 in area, with a planned population of over 50,000 people.
  • East Central, which will consist of 10 million ft2 in area and house a population of 37,000.
  • West Quarter, with an area of 24 million ft2 and a population of 58,000.
  • West Central with an area of 21 million ft2 and a population of nearly 60,000.

Buildings in Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali will be made up of 326 buildings in total of which 237 have been designated for residential purposes. The master developers of Jebel Ali; Limitless, have come up with well designed infrastructure such as streets with ample greenery, parks and pedestrian friendly pathways throughout all four quarters.

Port Jebel AliAll four quarters are divided into three individual districts, making them cosy satellite cities of their own. They will consist of – an urban centre, a Trellis District providing shaded pedestrian areas, and a residential Medina District. The designers have carefully allocated plenty of space for business, residential and recreation.

A lot of thought has gone into the sustainability of the development with “green thinking” playing a major part.

Easy access is a major bonus point

Jebel Ali would be accessible via four new freeway intersections. All four quarters will each have a metro station to easily commute residents to the rest of Dubai. There are also plans to make the Jebel Ali area a car free zone with the introduction of an internal tram system.

E11, Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai UAE

Around 235,000 people are to live and work in Downtown Jebel Ali at completion of its infrastructure in 2009 with 70,000 alone being residents. Total completion of the whole development is expected to take place in 2011.

Downtown Jebel Ali is to have several pedestrian friendly zones, will sport its own commercial centre with cafes, shops and several family communal areas.

To invest or not to?

There are many reasons why Jebel Ali promises great future prospects for investors. Perhaps the two most obvious are the fact that from an economic point of view, Jebel Ali is the only area between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Since both of these metropolois are hives of activity, it makes sense that the action will spread.

Esoterically if you consider that the world’s biggest airport will be soon located in Dubai, and only minutes from the development itself. This offers enough reasons to buy now.

There are also many plans for developments like a Busch Gardens, Sea World, Discovery Cove and Aquatica WaterWorld. Having been announced at the beginning of this year, this indicates there might well be a possible boom.

Current average prices per square footage in Jebel Ali are AED 2,000 per SQ. FT. This in comparison to other areas is relatively low.

The vision of Jebel Ali’s master planners is clear: Make it a trendy, sexy and modern hub with pedestrain friendly spaces, great infrastructure and friendly, luxurious living.

Images of Jebel Ali Down Town

Jebeli Ali Construction
Construction work

Jebeli Ali Construction June 4 2007
Jebeli Ali Construction June 4 2007

Jebeli Ali Construction August 15 2007
Jebeli Ali Construction August 15 2007

Jebeli Ali Race Course
Jebeli Ali Race Course

Jebeli Ali Zones
Map of Jebel Ali

jebel ali business zone street
Commerical District (rendering)

Jebel Ali Terminal 2 – DP World

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