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On Friday the 19th of January, overseaspropertymall.com & bulgarianpropertyblog.blogspot.com were both featured in an article on the International Herald Tribune titled “Real estate goes beyond the Internet listing“.

The article written by Nancy Beth Jackson talked about how emerging and new web technologies (Web 2.0) are rapidly reshaping the real estate industry worldwide. She discussed about the vast amount of value added information and interactivity that blogs, opinion polls, podcasts, videos & forums offer against traditional online property listings on portals that shook the property industry back in the 90s.

These new platforms in my opinion are definitely new channels in the internet marketing mix that were not exactly fully emergent two years ago when I started researching the industry. Today, any serious player in international property should have a blog, participate in industry podcasts, practice reputation management through interacting in forums and have videos online that constitute interviews, virtual tours and general information. There is no doubt we are living in an information dependent era where people want more and more information from a diverse range sources ranging from their mobile phones or off the iPods.