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The Malaysian real estate industry is debating whether or not — “speculators” — should be allowed to buy in the country. They are worried that foreign investors speculative buying will push prices up and damage the health of the real estate industry. Currently driven almost entirely by resident Malaysians, the Malaysian property market is one of the least volatile in the world.

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kuala-lumpur-vertical-skyline-klcc-towers-amazing# Kuala Lumpur’s property developers are taking simmering projects off the backburner and readying to launch new developments as the local property market picks up.

For the past year, developers have shelved plans for new building and consolidated by selling homes that were ready-built.

As demand for residential mortgages picks up, developers are opening show homes and testing the water by inviting prospective buyers to sign registers of interest.

Most developers have a tipping point of registrations that then kicks off development.

Kuala Lumpur’s housing market is mainly focused on a young, well-paid local population moving in to the city for work in hi-tech and financial sectors.

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A unique and spacious 1270sqft  centrally located in the heart of the Golden Triangle in KLCC, the heart of the Malaysia economy, just 5 minutes walk from the world-famous Petronas Towers is for sale by owner. The apartment is luxuriously furnished with contemporary designer furniture, fitted kitchen, walk-in wardrobes, Hansgrohe fittings and broadband ready. This corner residence gives magnificent city views over the tree-lined streets of KLCC.


Property prices in Hong Kong and Singapore are suffering the most as the ripples from the global financial crisis spread to the Far East.

Following on the heels of the US, UK and Europe, banks have shut off lending as governments strive to tackle falling output and rising unemployment.

Predictions are that the HK and Singapore property markets won’t show any signs of revival for at least a year or even longer.

Back in April we posted about the Malaysia Property Time Train. In this article we mentioned the possibilities of an economic stalemate, affected by outside forces more or less. Crude oil prices, interest rate hikes and other factors could well influence the market as it was.

Well, fast forward a little bit over two months later and the Malaysian property market looks unaffected. Hailed as one of the strongest markets in the world right now, Malaysia is still attracting an influx of developers and investors looking for the property mekka.

With an expected appreciation of around 15% over the next two years, current buyers seem to be in the right position for future growth.

Therefore we thought it a great idea to showcase a property buyers guide to Malaysia, helping you to understand what needs to be considered when buying into Malaysian real estate.

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makati-city-manila-philippines-cityscape | credits-neilalderney123(flickr)
Makati City, Manila

Whereas much of the world is in shock with the current real estate situation in many countries, the real estate market in the Philippines is quietly chugging along. Recent reports in popular Philippine newspapers have somehow asserted us to the fact that their property boom is still active and live.

We only need to look at the latest endorsement of a combined 10 projects with a worth of US$125m by the Filipino Tourism Department to see that their economy is still alive and kicking.

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Foreign direct investment pours into SE Asia as regional market performance outpaces mature western markets with sustainable growth of up to 8%Property investors tapping into South East Asia’s property markets are increasing their attention on countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam, say the organisers of Cityscape Asia, a major property investment and development exhibition and conference to be held in Singapore next month.

In 2007 Cityscape Asia exceeded all expectations with participants from 53 countries and 125 exhibitors from 21 countries. In 2008 the Cityscape Asia organisers say they are set to welcome more than 8,000 real estate professionals and host over 200 exhibitors.