UK Property


Raffaele Mincione, a former fiance of Heather Mills got the bargain of his life when he secured a Knightsbridge property for £18 million after £22 million was knocked off the asking price. The millionaire banker paid less than half of the original price for the refurbished Sloane Street property last month.


Prince Charles has once again stepped into the media limelight after opposing the Chelsea Barracks design by Lord Rogers.

Rogers was “attacked” by the Prince years ago in regards to his proposed extension of London’s National Gallery. Prince Charles is not happy with the “unsympathetic” and “unsuitable” design for the area and has written a letter of complaint to site’s owners – Sheikh Hamad bin Jaber Jasim al-Thani, the Prime Minister of Qatar.


It is estimated that by 2020 a total of 60 million people will pass through London’s King’s Cross Station each year. Those are the same figures seen right now at London’s Heathrow Airport. To accommodate such an influx of people and in order to modernise the whole King’s Cross precinct, plans to makeover the area have been unveiled by media.


A new website service called Easy House Exchange has been hailed as the new solution for cash stricken home owners in media. The service aims to connect home owners and developers with investors and buyers looking for a straight swap of properties or else upgrade your current home by paying a cash difference through Bovis the developers.

Joining fees are scraped until June 1st this year and you can browse the site for available houses. At present there are properties from England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland on the listings.