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The Black Sea Resort of Sochi Hopes to Gain a Wider Audience

During the Soviet era, the Black Sea resort of Sochi was synonymous with summer recreation a retreat for everyone from high-placed officials to numerous vacationers from across the Socialist bloc. Fifteen years into Russia’s makeover, the town is still trying to rebound from decline and the inept management of regional infrastructure. Now, local and federal authorities are striving to remake the place into a first-rate year-round international resort while also bolstering its standing as Russia’s undisputed summer capital.

With over three million annual visitors, Sochi may finally be outperforming its main competitor, Ukraine’s Crimea, but it can hardly match the combination of sensible prices and competent service found in European resorts. Still, the intrinsic appeal of the area’s exquisite scenery, coupled with a commitment to a sustained and systemic overhaul, bode well for SochiĆ¢’s revival.

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