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When Billy Ray Harris was spare-changing under a bridge in Kansas City earlier this year, Sarah Darling dropped some money into his cup, out of charity.

However, she also gave Mr. Harris an accidental bonus – her engagement ring.  Ms. Darling was wearing her ring earlier in the day, but began to develop a rash on her finger and removed the ring, storing it in her purse.  As a result, among the handful of coins Ms. Darling gave to Mr. Harris on that cold day was the ring her fiance Bill Krejci had given her to celebrate their engagement.

“It was horrible,” Ms. Darling said in interviews.  “It meant so much to me beyond just the financial value.”

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Observing the search engines on the internet over the past 3 months there has been a steady decline in Spanish property searches and steady increase in demand for Bulgarian property. Is this due to the inflated Spanish property market or is there a definate pattern forming due to the urgency being created by Bulgarias’s entry to the E.U. as 2006 becomes the ultimate opportunity for a profitable investment in Bulgaria?(I-Newswire) -

Spain always has been and probably will carry on being the number one location for people buying property abroad mainly due to its location .Bulgaria has been a buzz word for the last 12 months , hot on the heals of its predecessor Croatia.

Although Countries like Bulgaria and Turkey have taken a chunk of the Spanish market as a great alternative to Spain due to price. There hasn’t been anything like the difference in searches on the internet over the last 3 months. Whilst Searches for Spain have been slowly declining. Bulgaria seems to go from strength to strength. It can’t just be the increase due to winter skiing as Spain has this to offer also.

It cant be the location as Spain is more convenient to travel to especially this time of year. If you compare the two locations for variety then they are more or less equal. Therefore it can only be the urgency factor regarding the return on investment leading up to the E.U. entry . If Croatia is anything to go by then Bulgaria will carry on increasing in demand over the next 12 months. In 2007 the price will become less attractive as supply out weighs demand.

Watch this space and watch your pennies.If you are buying for investment reasons but are not sure when the best time would be to sell . Then a word of advice would be to register the property for sale as soon as you have purchased it. If you are not sure about when to buy a Bulgarian property based on current trend then the simple answer is to do it now or dont do it at all. Simply fall back on that old steady long term investment Spanish favourite or wait for the next big thing to hit the property market abroad ! Could it be China ?