Ski Property

Squaw Valley Ski Resort Lake Tahoe As anyone who has looked at buying a ski-property in the last few years will know, the global warming phenomena is causing a few problems for the class: meteorologists and other experts on the subject are warning that snowlines will be pushed up around the world.

In the short term global warming is expected to shorten ski-seasons at some of the lower resorts, and over the long term it could shorten the season at the higher altitude resorts and render the lower resorts out of business.

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More and more winter sport tourists decide to invest their money in a ski property. It makes sense to stay in your own second home when you are away from home as you can indulge in your own space. On the other hand, ski rentals provide an excellent way to earn some extra income through rentals.

The best options are those that allow for turnkey and maintenance-free upkeep of the property. This is best done with one of the three most popular type of ski properties covered later in this article.


So you went to Verbier, Switzerland on your last skiing trip and fell in love with the place. So much so that you are keen to buy your very own Swiss style chalet and ski home. If that is you, then welcome to the wonderful dreamland that is called Verbier. You are certainly not alone with your intentions as every year thousands of skiers and snow enthusiasts come to Verbier to spend some of their holidays. Once it is time to leave, many struggle to say goodbye to this popular spot in the Swiss alps.
If you are keen on acquiring your own Verbier chalet, then you will find our guide helpful.