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Before I begin the International Property News Beat, please note that there is a poll on the side panel of this page (underneath the MyBlogLog widget) asking if you would like regular posts showcasing exciting new property developments all over the globe. Please participate by choosing an option. It will be interesting to know your opinion as I have had some email requests asking for this. Have a great week ahead:

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Hello guys, hope you all had a great weekend. Before I start out with the international property news beat, I want to mention how helpful the MyBlogLog widget has been by giving me an insight on some of the readers of this blog.

If you are a regular reader of overseas property blog please make a comment to the post introducing yourself and also consider adding yourself to the overseas property blog community on MyBlogLog (located on the righthand side of this page). Making a comment would be quite comforting and go a long way for me by letting me know a little about the readers of this blog. Anyway, here are the top international real estate news articles:

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We start the international property news beat on a light note with a post from Curbed L.A’s Celebrity Real Estate Wrap on Celebs (Tom Jones, Rudolph Velentino & Kirk Kerkon) moving homes.

And the major headlines –

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