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Damac, the largest private developer in the Middle East has decided to give buyers of villas in its Hyde Park development in new Cairo to add an attic and a basement to their properties, increasing the floor space by up to 40% (230sqm to 330sqm).

Damac CEO Alaa Ayoub said:

“DAMAC Properties is the master developer for Hyde Park in New Cairo, and we are continually thinking outside the square. Everything at Hyde Park is on a grand scale, from the surrounding parkland to the Park Avenue retail complex, so we thought it appropriate that customers have an opportunity to optimise the size of their living space as well.

“These villas will be custom made to suit the requirements and tastes of our customers. DAMAC Properties is focused on providing luxury lifestyle concepts, and there’s a real sense of relaxation and freedom that comes from spacious interiors” Ayoub added.

The New Cairo development will be the pinnacle of modern environmentally friendly property construction. The development, which sits 350 meters above sea, will have a fully fledged infrastructure, including excellent road links to all other districts.

It is thought that the development will become a centre for prime residential development, designer shopping, entertainment and recreation complexes and retail and business parks.

Damac is the master developer on the project including the Park Avenue Shopping district, luxury villas at Hyde Park and a touch of Paris at the French architecturally inspired Centre Ville apartments. The firm undoubtedly hopes that the option to customise floor plans and increase floor space will generate more exposure and publicity for the development, to highlight the other strengths of the offer, including 5% deposits and interest free credit.

The wider New Cairo project is the brainchild of Dubai state-owned developer Ear properties, via its wholly owned subsidiary Emaar Misr for Development.

New Cairo is a fully integrated community located in the fifth district of New Cairo City. The project features over 1,200 fully detached homes, 1,200 townhouses and 3,500 apartments, as well as 2 million square feet of commercial offices in a modern Business Park setting, an advanced 1 million square feet healthcare centre, two hotels, shopping centres and a world-class school.

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Egypt is once again on the map of overseas property investors after Sam Zell listed the country as one of the top three property investment destinations worldwide. Zell who made billions back in 2007 when he sold his Equity Office Properties portfolio to Blackstone for an estimated $38 billion also mentioned Brazil and China as hot contenders for the run of hottest investment opportunities worldwide.

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Planned Property Developments

In our New Cairo’s Property Development Part 1 post we looked at the immense task that is going into restructuring and expanding a very congested Cairo into the exciting New Cairo suburban communities of the future. As a matter of fact, many developments that are going to make up New Cairo eventually are already well on their way, caving a way for generations to come and combining modern living communal pods with ingenuity and smart design.

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New Cairo (Egypt) is undergoing major urban development at the moment. Old Cairo’s outdated infrastructure is in dire need for new development to take the load off the city as more and more people settle into the area. Originally, Cairo was planned and built for a population of three to five million people. But it is clear to even a fledgling visitor that Cairo has outgrown its infrastructure long ago. With an estimated population of around 20 million people, it is exciting to see a new master planed development appearing in form of the New Cairo developments of urban areas.

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Rivoli Centre Ville

If you crave the unhurried lifestyle of the 20s with the luxuries of today, you will fall in love with Rivoli at Centre Ville in Cairo. Introducing relaxed French style living, this new development is heaven for stressed out business professionals.

Experience family style living with the trimmings of chic and modernity. Stroll through the various boutiques and indulge for lunch in the many cafes. Rivoli is Paris in the middle of Egypt. Need we say more?

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If a picture says a thousand words, how many words does a video say?
We think a video summarises several thousand pictures.

A while ago, we showcased Hyde Park- New Cairo, the soon to be biggest and only masterplanned luxury gated community in Cairo, Egypt. It would comprise of 3000 exclusive villas with a 1 million square meter landscaped park. We just got hold of the Hyde Park video which pretty much summarises the lifestlye at this up market surburb of New Cairo.

Watch the 5 minute video as we would love to know what you think.

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Hurghada Village

Hurghada is a popular tourist resort town on the Red Sea in Egypt. Famous for its lifestyle, easy living and countless attractions it attracts people from all over year round. Easy accessible from Europe, Hurghada has long been a destination for tourists.
In recent years however, Hurghada has seen a sharp rise in new developments and Hurghada Village is one of them.

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Abu Dhabi: Damac Holding, the Dubai-based real estate developer, is planning a major investment in the Egyptian real estate market, a top company official said.

“We have been negotiating the issue with the Egyptian side for almost six months now, and the site will be finalised soon,” Hussain Sajwani, the group’s chairman, told Gulf News yesterday.

The value of Damac’s international expansion and projects has been on the rise recently, reaching almost Dh25 billion so far, including a Dh10 billion in China, and a $400 million in Qatar, in addition to Lebanon and Jordan.