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If you are keen on boats – ahem, luxury yachts, then you might like the idea of owning a timeshare in a luxury yacht for several years. If you do, be ready to part with a considerable amount of your spare cash – £1.7m to be exact. On top of your cost for one eight of these luxury yachts you’ll also be paying an extra £180,000 for an eight year contract.

The Con Man by Ken Mitchell Every cloud has a silver lining, even the black cloud of recession.

One of the upsides is that fraudsters running Ponzi schemes hit a wall, as they can’t keep the scheme as their cash dries up.

The latest allegations of property fraud with a Ponzi scheme surround Canadian father and son team Frederick and Derek Elliott.

Lawyers have filed evidence at a Miami Court claiming the pair embezzled $100 million from more than 2,500 investors from all over the world in two separate fraud plots.

The first case, according to the court documents, involves $32 million raised from 1,600 investors between 1987 and 2001 for developing the Sun Village Resort in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.


A new website service called Easy House Exchange has been hailed as the new solution for cash stricken home owners in media. The service aims to connect home owners and developers with investors and buyers looking for a straight swap of properties or else upgrade your current home by paying a cash difference through Bovis the developers.

Joining fees are scraped until June 1st this year and you can browse the site for available houses. At present there are properties from England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland on the listings.

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beach house in mexico

More and more foreigners, coming mainly from the US and Canada but others coming from Europe and other areas, have been buying up Mexican property despite economic turmoil and uncertainties in most parts of the world. Sales of both restricted as well as non-restricted property have been continuous in Mexico and more and more people are seeking expert advice on foreign investments and foreign home ownership in this tropical country in general.

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Calle Obispo with the Hotel Ambos Mundos (Hemingway's haunt), Havana, Cuba

A fresh wind of opportunity is about blow into Cuba with the announcement of the construction of  nine golf resorts that is to commence as early as this May. Well known for its communist regime, Cuba might finally enter a new era as the government is keen to attract more overseas investors and tourism.

While the thought of buying a £70,000 property in the Caribbean might attract many, there are many things to consider before you actually part with your money.

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In last year’s most expensive homes in the world we saw some stunning and unbelievable properties, owned by some of the richest people on earth. This year not much has changed and we are sure you would agree with us that those homes are indeed regal and outstanding in architecture and design, therefore deservedly owing those hefty price tags only reserved for a few.

1. Fleur de Lys in Beverly Hills, California – $125m

Fleur de Lys in Beverly Hills, California - $125m

This $125 million estate was modelled after Louis XIV’s palace at Versailles, France. It encompasses 45,000 square feet and took five years to build in all. It all came to fruition when Suzanne Saperstein accumulated five acres in the 1990s.

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Our long time readers have been able to follow the thrill, suspense and excitement that was this season’s Grand Prix. Who would have thought that a young Brit would become the youngest title winner ever and take home the 2008 Championship.

To show you what has evolved over the year since April, we have listed all Grand Prix posts for you. Now you can conveniently browse all the listings and see what’s been happening in the regions in terms of real estate.

We hope you enjoyed our reports from the action by the pit lane and shared the excitement of the spectacular showdown of the last race in particular.

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Buying property in Italy is often associated with living la dolce vita, the sweet life. Those who take the step to become Italian property investors can’t be blamed for doing so as Italy really is a great country that not only is affordable, but has friendly locals, great food, amazing vistas and decent enough weather.

Foreign nationals have similar rights to Italian citizens when it comes to property buying except for one thing.

  • Italians pay 4% property purchase registration tax and
  • foreign nationals pay 11% property purchase registration tax

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Egypt hailed as the hidden opportunity for property investors, offers interested parties many ways to spend their dollars. Whether you are attracted by luxury, or prefer to buy a budget property, choices are available to anybody who is serious about buying in Egypt.

We wanted to show you exactly what is possible and introduce some amazing property developments to you, both being at two sides of the spectrum to please the budget conscious investor, as well as the luxury one.